Sustainability plays an important role in many areas. Our company is pursuing strategic and solid growth as well as a target-leading financial management. These pillars have helped us build up a long-term fiscal policy. We understand and accept our responsibility in economic, ecological and social aspects. We do not regard our high standard as being achieved but as a basis for continuous improvement..



Our company policy is geared towards performance and continuity. Intelligent logistics solutions, a solid growth strategy and prudent investments ensure our success today and tomorrow. Because we are independent, we can invest our profits in our company and the network and set up new technologies quickly. Therefore, we remain close to the pulse of any developments.



Ecological logistics solutions mean maximum utilization of loading space. We bundle the flow of goods and focus on direct shipments. We are constantly looking for resource-saving solutions and alternative concepts and always consider environmental requirements.
Our business fulfils the DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 standards.


Social aspects

We are a reliable partner for our customers and a loyal employer for our employees. Embedded in our corporate culture is the motto “encourage and challenge”. This includes ongoing training and qualifications. Our employees have attained a high level of professional, social and leadership skills. We also support certified, non-profit organizations with donations and sponsoring.